Hey there!

My name is Grigory Lukin, and this is my blog. I know, it’s a weird name (all Russian names are a bit weird). When you pronounce it correctly, it rhymes with “glory win.” Yes, I know, it’s a real tongue-twister. Moving on… I’m 24, originally from Siberia, and now I live in Nevada. How is that for a paradox?

I got a degree in political science just when theĀ Second Depression Great Recession destroyed the economy, so instead of getting a cushy political job I got a cushy blue collar job. It’s a fairly fun gig, but I’m always on a lookout for new opportunities, as well as fun ways to make cold, hard cash. One of my many goals in life is retiring early (let’s say by the time I’m 30-ish), which is why I obsess over personal finance, investing, and other topics that would make your eyes glaze over. For now, this blog is mostly a chronicle of my attempts to become a bestselling Kindle writer, partly an ongoing log of my entrepreneurial projects and, in a small way, a record of my improbable life.

Aside from retiring early, my other goals include becoming one of the Top 100 Kindle writers by August 2013 (the 10th anniversary of my move to the States), getting a pet platypus (improbable but not impossible!), and observing the aurora borealis from a hot tub. I know I’m an odd duck, and this will probably be an odd blog, but hey – at least I gave it a try.