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Perhaps the rising popularity of tattoos and other permanent body modifications can be explained by the simple fact that in our increasingly transient culture, where everything’s made to be broken, where vows, promises and honor are but empty words, the very idea of permanently, irrevocably altering one’s body is considered rebellious, if only on subconscious level.

I eat my pasta with ketchup because unlike pasta sauce, it lasts for months.
I sleep on an air mattress because they’re way better than beds when it’s time to move.
I don’t have cable because I stream all my TV shows online.
I don’t cook any dishes that take more than 3 minutes to prepare.
I’ve calculated which Subway sandwich has the best price/protein ratio.
I’ve devised a system that allows me go at least 6 weeks without doing laundry.
I drive a rusty 25-year-old car that gets 33 miles per gallon.
I own 1 plate, 1 fork and 1 knife. (And 1 machete, but that’s beside the point.) Spoons are for quitters!
I can pack up all of my essential possessions in less than an hour – and they would fit in my car.
I often complain about shoes that fall apart after only 2,000 miles.
I actually enjoy public transportation when I have to use it.
I am an avid user of the most cost-efficient entertainment out there – library books.
I outsource most of my cooking to all-you-can-eat buffets whenever I can. (The math works, trust me on this.)
Despite my “hedonistic Spartan” lifestyle, I still manage to save ~70% of my income.