Category: personal trivia

  1. The best steak is a well-done steak.
  2. Cold pizza is gross.
  3. Milk is disgusting.
  4. Red wine is basically cough syrup for grown-ups.
  5. If it has eyes and staring at me as I eat it – hard pass. (Sorry, Philippines.)
  6. High-grade dark chocolate is indistinguishable from cardboard.
  7. Food is fuel.
  8. If your breakfast is more than a vitamin, a cup of black coffee, and two handfuls of dry cereal, you’re overcomplicating things.
  9. I eat my pasta with ketchup. (The same active ingredient as pasta sauce, and it lasts way longer!)
  10. The greatest meal I’ve ever had? Three burritos from a corner store, with two cold bottles of cider, devoured in a scalding-hot shower after I finished a cold and miserable 36-hour hike in the woods.

The Hero of the Bay of Tampa

I’ve just spent half the day on the most popular beach in Tampa with the most advanced metal detector on the market. I haven’t failed to find anything of value – I have succeeded in confirming that there were no landmines or live artillery rounds buried in the sand!

People of the Bay of Tampa, you may sleep safely. I am not the hero you need, but I am the hero you deserve.

*stares stoically into the distance*

My new author photo



For all you stalkers, biographers, NSA operatives and/or assorted bored web denizens. In no particular order:

“Blackout” by Breathe Carolina
“Angel Main Theme – the Sanctuary Extended Remix” by Darling Violetta
“Lights” by Ellie Goulding
“Learn to Fly” by Foo Fighters
“Happy Together” by The Fortunes
“Love Me Again” by John Newman
“I Feel Fantastic” by Jonathan Coulton
“Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5
“Liberi Fatali” by Nobuo Uematsu
“Can’t Stop” by Red Hot Chili Peppers
“Drops of Jupiter” by Train
“Storm” by Vanessa Mae
“Nymphetamine Fix” by Cradle of Filth
“Carol of the Bells (Acapella Mix)” by BarlowGirl

My mother once gave me a bathrobe for Christmas. I exchanged it for a telescope.