Even though it’s been five days since I uploaded the second edition of Atheism-101, it still appeared to be in the draft stage. The Kindle Publishing Platform (or KDP) usually takes 24 hours to process a new e-book. At first, I thought it was a glitch. Then I thought that maybe the second edition went live, but my notification got lost somewhere in the intertubes. Finally, I decided to investigate further and, well, this is a bit too awkward to admit, but here is hoping some other Kindle author will find this useful: when you upload a book, make sure to click “save and publish” as opposed to just “save.” And when you do click “save and publish,” make sure that little spinning Flash-based widget actually changes its status from “publishing” to “published.”

You gotta love those Flash widgets… Because of a minor glitch (which, in all honesty, I should have double- and triple-checked), the Kindle world is going to get my second edition a week too late. Sorry, Kindle people!

Lessons learned: verify – always verify.