Sometimes, when the weather outside isn’t up to my high standards (i.e., it’s colder than 75 degrees) and there isn’t a whole lot of excitement going on in my life, I like to take fast-forward through time by indulging in highly addictive, risk-free and very cheap activities. For the most part, I’m talking about old TV shows, video games and long books. Some would call it geeky, nerdy, anti-social, etc., but hey – they’re the ones who might crash their car on their way back home after a night at the bar. To each their own.

I remember when Fallout-3 came out in 2008 – I played it for 40 hours straight once I bought it, followed by about a month of nearly 24/7 gaming before I finally squeezed out every ounce of content. At the time, I was a freelancer decompressing from a particularly difficult (though very fun) gig and I could afford to hide from the world for an entire month. These days, I’m mostly looking for ways to occupy my 3-day weekends while it’s freezing outside. I think I finally got enough supplies to help me fast-forward through February – with any luck, there’ll be something worthwhile in March.

My current fast-forwarding arsenal:

  • Dan Simmons’ Hyperion trilogy 
  • The complete Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy anthology (which I haven’t read in at least seven years)
  • ~20 liters of coke
  • Final Fantasy XIII that I got almost for free at a Blockbuster liquidation sale
  • Dead Rising-2 (ditto)

That should last me at least a few weeks… And yes, I’m well aware of the irony of doing all that indoor stuff just a few months after I moved to Vegas. In my defense, it’s pretty cold out here, which makes hanging out and people-watching on the Strip pretty difficult. Maybe in another month or two…