I spend way too much time online and I love getting free stuff. To be more precise, I love winning free stuff. Somehow, knowing that I beat several other people in my pursuit of free stuff makes it that much more enjoyable, even if my effort consisted of filling out a small form and posting a blurb on Twitter. Until it gets a bit warmer outside (I refuse to go out when it’s 50 degrees out – this is supposed to be Vegas, damn it!), I’ll concentrate my entrepreneurial efforts on entering every small-scale online giveaway with good odds (1:15 or better) I can find. I shall be assisted by my cranky old laptop, a fridge full of coke and a fairly advanced search script I came up with during one of my infamous bouts of insomnia.

I’ll be posting a fair amount of links to said giveaways here, as well as on my twitter account, so stay tuned – who knows, you might win something too!