Right now, I’m on a sabbatical from work to decompress, catch up on my sleep and maybe – just maybe – find a better job. Two weeks down, four to go and no luck so far. Filling out applications and going to interviews takes up surprisingly little time, so I spent most of the last two weeks reliving my childhood by playing Diablo-2. (I shall not buy the abomination that is Diablo-3 until it becomes accessible in the offline, single-player mode.) Unfortunately, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. In other words, I got bored.

I’m still trying to figure out the exact set of conditions I need to get in a writing mood. Not just any writing mood, mind you, but the kind of mood where I sit down and type up an entire e-book in one night. The “all or nothing” kind of mood. Well, it looks like boredom and restlessness are vital ingredients of this strange headspace of mine. That, combined with a complete lack of anything productive to do, finally gave me the push to pull one of my infamous all-nighters. All it took was a can of NOS (260mg of caffeine, the equivalent of 3.25 cans of RedBull), a bunch of fried eggs&pasta (a recipe I invented, as far as I know), and a mix of TPachelbel Canon in D Major, theme music for Discworld Noir and all the techno Pandora has to offer playing in the background. It took me 10 hours but I finished editing one of my less known e-books and completed a brand new one! (And there was much rejoicing.)

I just need to add a few final touches and then Taoism-101: Answers and Explanations will be unleashed on the Internets! Yep, that there was one productive all-nighter.