1. The best steak is a well-done steak.
  2. Cold pizza is gross.
  3. Milk is disgusting.
  4. Red wine is basically cough syrup for grown-ups.
  5. If it has eyes and staring at me as I eat it – hard pass. (Sorry, Philippines.)
  6. High-grade dark chocolate is indistinguishable from cardboard.
  7. Food is fuel.
  8. If your breakfast is more than a vitamin, a cup of black coffee, and two handfuls of dry cereal, you’re overcomplicating things.
  9. I eat my pasta with ketchup. (The same active ingredient as pasta sauce, and it lasts way longer!)
  10. The greatest meal I’ve ever had? Three burritos from a corner store, with two cold bottles of cider, devoured in a scalding-hot shower after I finished a cold and miserable 36-hour hike in the woods.