Tuesday night. Having deep and thoughtful conversations with gf – the kind you rarely ever get a chance to enjoy. Life is good.

The biggest item on the news is India going into the lockdown mode for 3 weeks. How do you lock down 1.3 billion people?.. This will be fascinating to watch.

Since we can’t stay at this AirBnb in Deep River past 3/31, we’ve continued searching on AirBnb. It’s interesting: there are some (but not many) people like ourselves. All the relatively cheap cottages we saw last night got booked. (We’d hesitated because it was unclear if the best match had wifi.) Not everyone is doing this, of course: you need to have savings, the ability to work from home, the ability to move quickly – so most likely no kids and no pets. Chances are, it’s other borderline-yuppie couples.

We downgraded our options from cottages to isolated apartments, and found something interesting: a snazzy-looking condo with a fireplace and a balcony with a great view in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. It’s right next to a ski resort, which will remain closed for quite a while. (And all the restaurants, tourist traps, etc.) Living in a condo in a shared building is less ideal than living in a standalone cabin, since there’ll be some risk of virus exposure, but it’s still infinitely better than gf’s house with its 10 roommates.

Update on the roommate situation: gf’s roommates claim they got fed up with people not taking the virus seriously, so they’ll go out and write angry/educational (angrucational?) messages in chalk. Breaking the self-isolation for the greater good – yeah, that’ll work just fine, I’m sure. (I’m also not sure if they understand how chalk works: it still snows in Toronto.) In other words, we’re both quite glad we got her out of there, and not very hopeful by humanity’s prospects if those are baseline 25-year-olds. I wonder how many people will get infected just through that house’s stupidity…