Tuesday night. We’re officially virus refugees now: we went to a whole different province, Quebec, to escape large cities in Toronto.

Spent the whole day unpacking and exploring the new condo – soooo tired. More tomorrow.

The situation in the US is what is colloquially known as a dumpster fire. Over 1,000 dead today. Trump went from his first proclamation that only 15 people were sick and they’ll recover quickly to stating that likely 100,000 will die. The death toll as I type this is 4,085 in the US and only 102 in Canada. Some of my friends in the US are still in denial… I’m so glad I moved to Canada when I did. I hadn’t expected a pandemic per se, but I knew enough to know that the government wouldn’t be able to handle a sizable calamity. Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico was a perfect example of their ineptitude, yet everyone mostly shrugged and moved on. People’s capacity to ignore what’s right in front of them… Well, I suppose that’s just a particularly unfortunate coping mechanism for them. I hope it won’t be that bad.