Wednesday night. I suppose it was only a matter of time after being couped up together for so long with no other people… The relationship might be over. When I made that rosy, cheesy blog entry last night, gf was asleep. After she woke up and got a bit better, I found out I’d given her the wrong supplement when she felt unwell: magnesium instead of sodium. I’d panicked. I’d also screwed up in a big way earlier that day.

She sent me to sleep in the adjacent, smaller bedroom, and has been ghosting me all day. A while back, I wondered how much this self-isolation must suck for those who were single, who hadn’t managed to find a partner. I may find out for myself… It’s strange when your social circle doesn’t just disappear but when it goes into the negative territory: when instead of having your companion by your side, you end up with a person who hates your guts. I hope we’ll make it. If not… I survived the pandemic and helped one other person do the same, and that’s all I could have hoped for.

In other news, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals split 2-1 and upheld Texas’s decision to stop abortions unless they’re absolutely necessary. This is ugly. This means that as long as a state can claim there’s a risk of disease and infection and death, they can suspend abortion access indefinitely.

The acting secretary of Navy has resigned after calling the selfless captain stupid.

The death toll in the US is, as of right now, 14,793. The death toll in Canada is 431, or 2.9% of the US.

…my car is still busted. CAA came by and jump-started the battery. It ran for an hour but didn’t work afterwards. Might be the alternator. (Kudos to the Reddit hive-mind!) I’ve found a highly rated garage six miles away – they’re one of the few that are still open. Will call for another jump-start tomorrow, then make my way to the garage to hopefully get it fixed. The CAA guy said “you’re not supposed to be here” after he saw the Ontario plates. Here is hoping he won’t rat us out.

Alone all day… I streamed the first two John Wick movies (his only weakness is car collisions) and installed Diablo-2: Lord of Destruction yet again. That game is my cryptonite: I don’t even want to know how many hours I spent on it since it came out almost 20 years ago. (Thousands, I’m sure.) It does help me relax, though…

Stay strong, strange survivors.