Tuesday evening. The beginning of our second month of hiding out, regardless of how you define one month.

Gf woke up feeling unwell but feels a bit better now. We’re still experimenting with the electrolyte balances – one last try before going to a potentially virus-filled clinic. Otherwise, just a simple status quo day of hanging out and low-key relaxing. I’ve started watching the Handmaid’s Tale, and it feels strangely enjoyable to watch a show about a different, worse dystopia while living in the dystopia we have here and now.

This is either a slow news day or everyone else is getting the point of dystopian new overload. More people are dying. Current cumulative death toll in the US is 25,726; 901 in Canada. 643 new words in my little novel.

Stay safe out there. (Or in there, because you really shouldn’t go out.)