Thursday evening. A mildly stressful day today: gf finally agreed that we’ll need to go to the hospital (but which one?) because her health issues can’t be fixed simply by mixing the perfect electrolyte cocktail. We’ll wait till we’re back in Ontario, or go to the local Quebec clinic sooner if we must, but the emergency room won’t do anything unless she’s in the middle of a flare-up…

I also learned that the education credential assessment miiiiight get accelerated if I procure digital copies. Hmm. Mixed feelings on this one: it’s great news, but it also means I’ve wasted a month by not emailing them sooner. On the upside, that does save me six-eight months, so huzzay! Next step: taking my own fingerprints for an FBI background check.

On top of all that, a work colleague disturbed my staycation with something they did… And to top it all off, I slept too long and got up at 12:20, so that’s half a day gone. Not a happy camper, though Stardew Valley helps take the edge off a bit.

World war oil still goes on – the prices hit an almost 52-week-low point earlier today before having a small bounce up. Trump’s deal with OPEC+ has failed to produce any results. 22 million Americans are jobless now, and that should get reflected in the stock market aaaaany minute now. Meanwhile, Amazon’s stock hit an all-time high of $2,461. Ho hum. I always expected it to go very high (internal goal: $5K; stretch goal: $10K) but it’s unusual to see it move so fast after two years of hanging just below $2K.

I’m a news junkie in case you haven’t noticed, but even I am finding it hard to keep up anymore. The grotesque stupidity keeps on coming… The mayor of Las Vegas begged the governor to reopen casinos because less than 0.5% of Nevadans died of covid. Can’t make that up… Not even looking at the news today after that.

Cumulative death total in the US as of right now: 34,450. In Canada, 1,259. Only 61 words written today.

Take care of yourselves, fellow hermits.