It’s Saturday night, and all is well. Gf got released from the hospital on Friday night: a full battery of blood tests and X-rays didn’t find anything unusual, though the docs admitted they didn’t have the expertise to figure it out. I’m impressed that their rural hospital actually had the CT scan capability – they’ll let us know the results once they’re ready. The upside is that gf is well, her kidneys and heart are healthy, and no one is in danger of dying. The downside is that we still don’t know what exactly is wrong, and we may have been exposed to covid while in that hospital. So it goes.

We’re back to normal with binge-watching TV shows, talking about life after the pandemic, having chill and civilized discussions about some of the big post-pandemic life plans we diverge on, etc. It’s good to be back to normal.

Meanwhile, for two days running, the daily covid death toll in the US has exceeded that of 9/11. I hate being right… My facebook pal and I had that disagreement less than 3 weeks ago, and it’s gotten so much worse. There’s more crazy randomness in the news: Hawaii has closed its beaches while Florida has reopened theirs. Frozen pizzas are getting rationed in some stores around the US. According to the radio (the hospital was a 40-minute drive away), Quebec is getting military assistance starting today, Saturday. They made it sound like the military will help only with retirement homes, but I suspect they’ll do more if there’s a need to do so.

Cumulative death toll in the US as of right now: 39,116. (Holy shit, it was just 28,628 when I checked two days ago…) In Canada, it’s 1,521. Just 245 new words in my book today – I really ought to set up a specific time slot to actually write.

Stay safe, fellow hermits.