Monday evening. Trying to make the best of my staycation, even though I have to spend at least an hour a day on a big work-related presentation that just happened to get scheduled while I was supposed to be away. I know how spoiled I sound, while over 22 million Americans have lost their jobs, tens of thousands are dead, and everyone is locked together – and yet my biggest problem is that my long-awaited vacation isn’t relaxing enough. Heh. By my guesstimate, there’ll probably be two good consecutive stress-free days before this week is done. And then… A two-week vacation in July, perhaps?

Gf and I are mending bridges and doing better. Nice long walk today to the local waterfall. Our greatest selfie yet, in the light of the slowly setting sun.

World war oil is getting a little bit ridiculous: for the first time ever, the price of the US oil future contracts went into negative territory. Everyone is righteously freaking out. Things should improve a bit after tomorrow’s contract expiration date, but who knows anything at this point? The demand is low and all the storage is filled up. What a strange world.

Georgia’s governor is reopening just about every public space (gyms, bowling alleys, etc), thus sabotaging all the efforts of most of the other states. A sleuth on reddit found out that all the “liberateFL” (etc) sites were created by one guy in Florida. Their nationwide protests are pretty tiny, and the signs they wave are mass-produced and printed out, with sharpies added on top as an afterthought. …and yet they’re getting more media coverage than giant climate change protests.

Cumulative death toll in the US as of right now: 42,677; in Canada, 1,731. My novel: 454 new words.