Thursday night. Xgf called a friend with an empty basement apartment and decided to stay there for the next three days as an experiment. (She doesn’t deal well with solitude, but it’s a great place to wait out the pandemic.) I dropped her off there after we drove up to the last open fingerprinting agency and got my FD-258 form filled out for the FBI background check.

…now there’s a paragraph that would’ve confused the hell out of my younger self. Heh.

They’re starting to slowly open up more parts of Canada. Most people are opposed to opening up too early, but I guess the had to placate the extroverts at some point. Businesses that had been deemed non-essential (which is very few businesses, to be honest) are being allowed to reopen. You still can’t walk into any fast-food places, mind you. (I wonder how junk-food addicts who have no cars are dealing with the drive-through-only ordering system.

The fingerprinting agency was extremely safety-oriented. The employees all wore masks and gloves, and I was asked to sanitize my hands at least five times as we exchanged IDs, papers, etc. Tomorrow morning, I’ll try to swing by a UPS store to print out one last piece of paper for the FBI (it’s the third decade of the 21st century and we still treat paper as if it were magic…) and send it off by snail mail. Two possibilities exist: their dossier on me will be either one sad little paragraph or a giant volume filled with redacted sections. I’d be excited (and mildly afraid) to see the latter, but it’s almost certainly the former. Can’t wait to see it either way.

The world news is as depressing as always, only a bit more so. No headlines or death tolls tonight.