Sunday afternoon. In a couple of hours, I’ll start the first leg of the three-hour roundtrip to Toronto to pick up xgf from her friend’s empty basement apartment. The three-day trial isn’t nearly the same as living there for good, but maybe there’ll be some useful conclusions to make the long stay easier for her.

Two more weeks till we officially part ways… It’ll be strange to be solo. I suppose that’ll give me unique insight into quarantining alone or as part of a couple, so I’ve got the anthropological angle covered, if nothing else.

World news: Trump spent the entire day retweeting conspiracy theories – more so than usual, that is. By my guesstimate, there were over 30 tweets, likely many more. If any other person did that during their alleged work hours, they would’ve been fired. With his popularity ratings dropping, the unemployment numbers going higher than at any point since the Great Depression, and being unable to golf or hold rallies, he must be feeling mighty frustrated right about now. Here is hoping he doesn’t start bombing random countries just for the hell of it. (Wouldn’t be his first time.) In Israel, Netanyahu proposed microchipping the entire country, starting with kids, to get sound alerts when people get too close to each other. He seemed to be surprised when a lot of people pointed out that might not be he best idea he’s ever had. Heh.

…another cup of coffee, then sorting out the dry laundry, then off to Toronto.