Tuesday evening. Xgf likes to dye her hair every now and then, and she’s had me join her. Either the hair dye finally wore off all at once, or some optical illusion passed some critical yet undefinable line, but I suddenly have far more grey hair on my temples I’d had before the plague. Oh well.

Xgf is still having bad dreams. We’ve run out of grapes, but with just five days left till we move apart, she said it’s not worth the risk to go to a grocery store just for this. She’s eaten all the candy – I had to bring out the emergency chocolate reserves. Heh. One hundred and twenty hours from now, I’ll be back in my bachelor routine of sitting in my oversized isolated rental room… I’ll miss her.

World news: more infections popping up in China, leading to more lockdowns. Georgia was caught cooking the numbers in the dumbest possible way, moving the dates around to change the growing trend into a diminishing one. Florida fired the woman who designed the covid dashboard after she refused to fake the numbers. In other words, more of the same old, same old.