Tuesday evening. Good news: my face shield has finally arrived. Bad news: according to the context-free label on the mask, it may cause cancer. FML. I guess it really was too good to be true: time to return it to Amazon.

No word yet on my permanent residence application, but I feel like it’ll be finalized within a week – and after that, there’s just a bit more waiting, for a few more months, and I’ll be a real Canadian. (And then a citizen a couple of years later.) My timing is perfect because Americans are no longer welcome in some parts of the world. The European Union will start opening up on July 1st, but a leaked draft suggests that US tourists wouldn’t be allowed to fly in. That’s a pretty huge development… The US wasn’t going to sustain its superpower/world leader status in the 21st century, but still… Damn.

Trump is holding another rally, this time in a megachurch in Arizona. The true faithful claim that they’ve invented an air filtration system that’ll kill covid and keep everyone safe. This world is getting too weird to even make fun of.

Twelve days ago, I mentioned that Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighbourhood has declared independence and adopted the name CHAZ. Well, they have a shooting a day now, and since they won’t let the police enter, that means paramedics can’t go to an unsecured scene, and it takes 45 minutes for victims to get to the hospital. So much for that experiment, it seems. (If you’ve ever watched The Wire, this is an awful lot like Hamsterdam, a designated neighbourhood where everything goes and no one gets prosecuted.

Hard to believe that the year isn’t even halfway through yet. Folks on Twitter are posting things like, “I wish I’d done more before the world ended.” Heh. It seems to me that the second half of 2020 will be even stranger and more outlandish than what we’ve seen so far.