It’s Wednesday night, and the world is somehow getting even stranger. This really is stranger than fiction: college students in Alabama are throwing covid parties with a twist. Unlike earlier parties reported around the world (daring the virus just for the fun of it), this time there’s money involved. They get one person diagnosed with covid, hang out with them, and put money in a pot. The first person to catch covid gets the money. I try not to pay attention to geographical stereotypes, but damn it, Alabama, don’t you already have enough PR problems?..

Today was Canada day. I didn’t go to celebrations last year because I was overworked and didn’t feel like going out. This time around, I’m overworked and have a legitimate reason not to go out. Heh.

Spent the whole day exploring the ESO’s fantasy world instead. I’ve discovered that my character’s horse can jump. I started cosplaying as a mad chef who steals snacks from bad guys’ camps, runs off on his kangaroo horse, and uses said snacks to make culinary masterpieces. Ye gods, that game is fun. (And free! As in cheese!)

…I was going to say that I’m not getting the cabin fever, but having somewhat objectively gone over the signs – yeah, I have the cabin fever. I said this before, but it’s so damn frustrating that there’s nothing any one of us can do to fight the pandemic. It’s like that fairy tale about the tar baby: the best thing you can do is stay where you are and not engage. There’s zero outside stimulation coming, no meetups to attend, and nothing new. (Aside from increasingly disturbing news headlines, that is.) My two-week vacation will begin on July 19th. Hopefully, an entire fortnight of hiking the Canadian wilderness will help reboot my brain. Meanwhile, though – woodcarving! Sounds like a great ultra-low-budget hobby that you can practice anywhere, make great presents, and engage in while watching Netflix and such. And hey, who needs all 10 fingers anyway, eh?

Back to explore the ESO fantasy world on my faithful kangaroo-horse hybrid steed…