Monday night. More strange news at work. Nothing that would affect my long-term plans, but still quite disappointing. Just nine business days till my vacation… The first vacation in 3.5 years that would be longer than a few days, involve travel, and would not involve hospitals or health emergencies. (Why yes, I did just knock on wood.)

I did my thrice-monthly grocery store run today because, while I had a bit more food to last another day or two, the work news demanded some cider-assisted mind-numbing… About half the shoppers wore masks this time around, though relatively few cared about social distancing.

Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro has allegedly tested positive for covid. He’s 65, which isn’t terrible, but he’d also had pneumonia in the past, and that’s not good for his odds. It’s interesting that he got it after all his bravado and downplaying the pandemic’s effects. Regardless of whether he survives, there’ll be major repercussions.

On the personal front, I’ve decided to pursue cooking (inspired by the one, the only Elder Scrolls Online and my kangaroo-riding, snack-stealing character) and acquired the four major spices: paprika, ginger powder, onion powder, and garlic salt. Preliminary results: garlic salt is amazing; ginger powder exploded when I tried to open the bag, leading to some sneezing and a bad first impression. The lockdown adventures never cease!