Friday night. Another week flew by… I’ve been known to depersonalize pretty hard when there wasn’t much in my life aside from work and maybe an obsessive hobby or two, but damn… It seems like every time I blink, it’s Friday night once more. A very good problem to have, mind you. In a way, this constitutes time travel, when your temporal awareness jumps over entire stretches of time. In any case, just one more “blink” like this and I’ll finally be able to take off for two weeks – 17 days, technically, since Monday 8/03 will be the Civic Day. Yay life. Can’t wait.

In covid news, more and more southern states and cities are running out of ICU space. Some of them are about to call in refrigerated trucks… This is New York in April all over again, only this time the local governments don’t seem to give a damn. Unless I’ve missed a last-minute announcement, Disney World in Florida will reopen tomorrow. That’s going to be a dumpster-fire of a cluster. I’m sure some measures will be taken, but you just can’t expect a bunch of kids and their adult handlers to properly socially distance in an amusement park, of all places.

The WHO has finally admitted that yes, covid can in fact spread through airborne transmission. That’s pretty horrifying news for everyone who will have to return to their offices… Another interesting factor here will be elevators: can four people use it at once if they just face opposite walls? Should everyone take the stairs instead? Inquisitive minds want to know. Some have also suggested that maybe the virus can be spread by air conditioners. It’s no Legionnaires’ disease (which is caused by bacteria that love them some ACs), obviously, but still… That would explain a lot about the epidemiological nightmare happening in the south during these hot summer months.

There’s just so much we don’t know…

One particularly fascinating update is that Canada’s top doctors are going on record stating the US-Canadian border should not be reopened at all in 2020, barring some miraculous developments in the US. Said miracle is highly unlikely. That’ll result in an interesting tug-of-war between bored and mildly insulted Americans and righteously concerned Canadians. The snowbirds flying from Canada to Florida will further complicate things, but we’ll get there when we get there. Meanwhile, I’m still trying to convince friends and family to move from the US to Canada like I did, but no one is budging. It’s incredibly more difficult to move now than it was last year, but it’s not impossible. Gonna keep trying, I suppose.

…this is small potatoes, but a couple of my favourite Seattle bars have gone out of business. They had mediocre food, and their last pre-pandemic health inspection said no one in their right mind should eat there, but still – their cider specials were excellent. So far, at least as far as I know, none of my friends or relatives caught covid. (A US coworker buddy I’ve never met and his wife have caught it and survived, but I don’t think that counts.) I should consider myself lucky that thus far, my personal impact consists of just a couple bars. There are hundreds of thousands out there who would happily trade their tragedy for mine…

And now off to explore the magical world of ESO with my trusty kangaroo steed.