Thursday evening, and I am loving this vacation. Spent an hour last night to map out the easiest-to-get-to locations. That still resulted in a 90-minute roadtrip, but it was super-easy to find what I was looking for: remnants of a 150-year-old mine. Not much was left of the actual mine, but I picked up some shiny (if small) amethysts.

…this is the first time in quite a while that I’ve actually been able to dream. I guess my brain hadn’t fully believed me the first few times I slept without an alarm clock. Sorry, little buddy.

I suppose this is somewhat covid-related: my xgf, who started to exercise during his basement lockdown, didn’t just injure her leg. It now appears that she tore not one but two muscles, and will have to be mostly immobile (and in a sad lonely basement) for two months. Just one of the billions of stories this pandemic is made of… Her friends are keeping her company, and this probably would’ve happened even without the pandemic, but then she probably would’ve stayed at her old place, with all the filthy roommates. It’s all just one giant tradeoff.

In more covid news, Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis is lying like there’s no tomorrow, claiming that covid is seasonal, that the overrun ICUs are fake news, and that everything is a-okay. In a way, I can kind of sort of understand where he’s coming from: most of Florida’s revenue comes from tourism, and if you shut that down, the entire state will starve. And yet… Had he done what every other country on earth had done (well, except maybe Brazil and the UK), Florida would’ve recovered after a few lean months. Then again, when you’re surrounded by other states that can send their infected to you, this all becomes a very bad version of the prisoner’s dilemma. I hope the footage of all those science-denying, tourism-promoting governors survives forevermore: someone, somewhere will have to remember the idiocy that had been committed in the name of shortsighted profits.

And on that happy note, I’m off to binge-watch some TV and try to distract myself from that toxic mess, as well as the fact it’s been over four months since I’ve had an in-depth conversation with anyone aside from my ex…