Tuesday night. If I skip too many Taco Tuesdays in a row, can I declare one week to be nothing but Taco Time?

I made a quick run to the grocery store and LCBO today – the remaining bananas had gone completely bad, even in the fridge. LCBO was fine, but the grocery store had some glaring examples of ignoring the mask rules. Most shoppers and staff were okay, but some wore their mask under their nose or even under their chin. The two-meter distancing rule has also completely disappeared: either that, or the people reaching directly past me to grab some tomatoes had a distinct death wish. (I can’t imagine that I look particularly healthy as I stumble around in all my protective gear.)

The dinner was a scrumptious affair: salmon filet fried with freshly acquired mushrooms and onions, accompanied by red wine and a croissant. (I don’t have a wine glass per se, so I used a multifaceted glass goblet I’d picked up at a thrift store ages ago.)

Speaking of wine: in yet another attempt to get more classy (classy AF!), I’ve decided to try to switch from drinking cider to enjoying wine. Boxed wine, to be precise. It’s a better deal, I can’t taste the difference anyway, it lasts for weeks (I always feel under pressure when I open a bottle and know I must finish it within days or it’ll get sour), and a four-liter box generates waaaay less waste than the equivalent cans/bottles of cider. (I know, I know – I’m classy and eco-friendly!)

One minor problem (aside from me not having any self-respect, that is) – the actual mechanism for pouring the wine out of the damn thing is hilariously undignified. In terms of classiness, that’s the polar opposite of popping open and pouring a bottle of champagne. Oh well. Tastes great, though, and makes for one amazingly classy dinner. (Isn’t lockdown life fun?)

In covid news, the flu season is just about here. The Ontario government is starting the flu vaccination campaign because it’s fairly clear that the flu/covid overlap would be a very bad thing indeed. This will be Ontario’s largest flu shot campaign ever.

In the US, Trump told his audience at yet another rally that “it affects virtually nobody. It’s an amazing thing.” The most charitable possible interpretation is that he was talking about those under 18. (Which means, once again, that a random dude on the Internet – yours truly – is better informed than the goddamn president of the United States of America. If that’s not existentially horrifying, I don’t know what is.) He also appeared to downplay the virus by saying it mostly kills the elderly. Unbelievable. As even the most conservative death toll trackers have crossed 200,000 – such callousness is unimaginable.

Elsewhere – Boris Johnson said there may have to be a second lockdown in England, though it’s not yet certain. Good luck to them. Good luck to all of us.