Tuesday night. It’s taco Tuesday, and I’m all out of taco shells. Tragic, I know.

Whelp, we finally did it. Amazon’s Prime Day sale got delayed by three months but it’s finally on. I was about to pontificate on how happy and content I am that I don’t need anything that’s on sale today, but then I saw a nice instapot and a fun video game from last year… Hey, I never claimed to be perfect.

Xgf is down with something. Probably just a cold and not covid, but she hadn’t told me she was feeling under the weather when we hung out three days ago… (She thought she was just running low on sleep.) Now she’s got some fairly bad cough and I have a tickle in my throat which I refuse to acknowledge. On the upside, the O2 levels seem fine, and we both wore masks while hanging out, so this miiiiight be nothing? This cold/flew/sniffles/plague season will be a lot of fun. (It’ll also be pretty ironic if after all the months of being a knight in shining armor, it’ll the former damsel in distress that’ll get me infected. Gotta love those postmodern fairy tales, eh?)

In covid news, there was a fascinating supercluster right here in my neck of the woods. Hamilton, a town near Toronto, has a downtown spin studio that technically followed all the guidelines: the bikes were 6′ apart, equipment was cleaned, and masks were required before and after exercising. (Or so they say, in any case.) Well, looks like all the sweat and heavy breathing in spin classes generates enough viral load to go around: 44 spin enthusiasts (spinsters?) tested positive, there are at least 17 confirmed secondary infections connected to those 44, and there might be as many as 100 people altogether who got sick because of this cluster. There’s more information over here. This may become as notorious as the choir outbreak a few months ago, and this shows why keeping the gyms open is not the best idea right now, or until every gets vaccinated. Here is to home gyms and staying safe while getting in shape…