Thursday night, or night #3 of the election day.

That’s really getting quite tiresome now. It’s all down to Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. The latter is spectacularly bad at math, taking 16-hour siestas and saying they might finish counting their ballots tomorrow. Maybe. If they feel like it. But hey, if Nevada were good at math, they wouldn’t have had all those casinos, eh? I just want that mess to finally end so that more resources could be dedicated to that pesky little once-a-century pandemic that’s been going around. (It’s gotten virtually zero news coverage lately.)

…I still can’t help laughing when I think of politics fanatics who might have insisted on staying up waiting for the results. Those poor bastards would’ve been up for over 60 hours by now. (There’s gotta be at least 100 people doing that in the US.)

In the US, near Vegas, four people died in a recent shooting. A friend of mine used to babysit one of them… Wait long enough, and America’s gun fanaticism will affect you: if not directly, then secondhand. I moved because I didn’t want to wait.

In covid news, people online are starting to panic over the Danish mink strain of covid that’s allegedly starting to spread around Denmark. If it gets out… Well, it’s too early to tell if it’ll be as fatal and have the same bad side effects as the original, pre-mink strain, but it’s best not to have to find out.

The US has recorded over 120,000 new cases in one day – that’s the new record. That’s exponential growth. At some point within the next few weeks, there may come a day with 500,000 new cases. Down the road, perhaps a million, though I doubt if there’s enough logistical capacity to process that many tests in one day.

And finally, the former White House strategist Steve Bannon said on his podcast that he wants to see Dr Fauci’s and FBI Director’s Chris Wray’s “heads on pikes, right, I’d put them at the two corners of the White House as a warning to federal bureaucrats. You either get with the program or you’re gone – time to stop playing games.” That’s tough talk from someone on a three-year probation, but that’s by no means an original thought in his party. How do you heal a country that hates its healers?..