Tuesday night.

The busy season at work is just a few days away, and it’s daily affecting ye olde daily routine. Today was filled with phone calls. My hard-won culinary skills are devolving to the point where my lunch consisted of a microwaved can of beans. (They’re a fine source of protein and fiber, okay?) I need to catch up on sleep…

Christmas is just over a month away: between the holidays and the personal time I’m cashing out at the end of the year, I’ll have about 10 days all to myself. And after that, my Canadian permanent residence will be just a few weeks away. Huh, it’s pretty symmetrical: 37 days until my staycation, after which I should get the PR within 30 days. Just gotta blink a few more times, fast-forward through a few more weeks, and things will be objectively better. (I still have an occasional anxiety nightmare about somehow ending up back in the US, as if the last two years never happened. Fun stuff.)

It’s still unnaturally warm this year: aside from the year I once spent in Florida, this may be the warmest November I’ve ever experienced. I saw a few tiny dots of what might have been snow around noon today, but that was it. That means next summer will be that much hotter. So strange, this global warming.

In covid news, it’s the virus’s birthday. The first known case dates back to November 17th, 2019. It’s possible that even that person might not have been the real patient zero, though they must have been just a few degrees of separation away. The current worldwide stats are 1.33 million deaths, 55.3 million cases. The real numbers are higher, since there was so little testing early on, and excess mortality definitely shows higher figures than that. I wonder where we’ll be a year from now.

It’s funny – I can’t remember when or how I originally heard about covid. It must have been in December or early January. When my coworkers and I flew from Canada to Nashville in early January, we were already concerned about catching covid at the airport, though that didn’t stop us from going out. (If only I had known that those would be the only truly relaxing nights of 2020… Heh.) The news was definitely following the virus even at the very beginning of the year, but I can’t tell how much of that made it on cable news channels, since I mostly get my information from specific subreddits and from following scientists on Twitter. I definitely didn’t anticipate spending 8 months (and likely a full year) working from home, nor many other things that followed.

In other covid news, senator Chuck Grassley has tested positive for covid. He’s 87 years old, which puts him into the highest risk category. As always, I hope he survives and learns from the experience. As always, I doubt the second part will really happen. Time will tell.