Sunday night. I’ll blink, it will be Friday night again, and I’ll be one week closer to my goals…

It finally snowed: kind of amazing that it took until the 22nd of November to do so. It’s actually been snowing all day, so there’s a nice thick layer of this white stuff all over the place. Perfect timing, since I would not want to go grocery-shopping with this white crap all over the place. In Toronto (and likely everywhere in Canada), lots of drivers don’t get their snow tires on until it’s too late. That leads to some pretty bad car accidents. I stay ahead of the curve by never taking my snow tires off in the first place. Heh.

I spent the day hate-speeding through Borderlands-3, which is complicated given the vast amount of unskippable dialogue between NPCs. (The Internet hive-mind is in agreement on this.) There was a pretty fun tidbit toward the end, where you meet an out-of-shape Jewish version of Indiana Jones, laser whip and all. Alas, that didn’t make up for some pretty bad glitches toward the end of the game. Well, at least is only cost me $20 CAD.

The caffeine headaches continue… Part of me is concerned about side effects in ye olde braincicle. The other part of me wants to see if it’ll get better in a few more days. That high-quality caffeine-free 8-hour sleep every night is hard to beat.

In covid news, Trump skipped G20’s meeting on pandemic preparedness and went golfing instead. He and his administration aren’t even pretending to give a damn about the pandemic anymore. Upside: Biden will take over less than two months from now, on January 20th. Downside: a whole lot of Americans will die due to their government’s utter inaction between now and then.

Hang in there, y’all.