Tuesday evening. Yay tacos.

The single most exciting thing to happen to me today was finding an old package of hard taco shells in the back of my little pantry. Seeing as I’m running low on produce, this resulted in some mighty sad tacos (beef and shells), but hey, that’s what imagination is for.

It snowed again today. A lot. I’m not risking a grocery run until this melts down a bit. One interesting thing about Toronto is that almost half of the city’s residents were born abroad. (Including moi.) That makes for a fun and multicultural city with great diners, cultural festivals, etc. That also means a lot of drivers have different driving styles (too slow, too fast, ignoring the stop signs, etc), and a lot have no experience with driving in the snow. Even the locals can take too long to install their winter tires, which leads to completely preventable car accidents. As the most risk-avoidant person out there, I keep my snow tires on all year round – I don’t really notice the difference in the summer. So, yeah, gonna give this snow stuff a couple more days to make it marginally safer to drive while everyone tries to adjust to slippery roads and what not.

In covid news, the governor of Oklahoma has declared this Thursday to be the day of fasting and prayer as cases in his state continued to climb. (There are over 200,000 total cases in Oklahoma by now.) That’s pretty blatantly unconstitutional – not merely stupid and anti-science, but also the equivalent of dancing around in a “screw the separation of church and state” T-shirt. Louisiana and Ohio did something similar earlier this year, as did Trump back in March. Do you want to end up in a theocracy? Because that’s how you end up in a theocracy. (Incidentally, Oklahoma was the state that held a giant maskless Trump rally five months ago, the one that started a new covid cluster and ended up killing Herman Cain, who hasn’t stopped tweeting from beyond the grave. Yay prayer. Boo science.)

At some point, several years from now, someone will make a movie set in 2020, during this pandemic, in the US. Even if they reenact everything just as it happened, without any dramatization or artistic license, they’ll still probably get called out for making their movie too unbelievable. Heh.