Monday night. The end of yet another grey beginning.

Today was blissfully uneventful, spent pressing buttons on my work laptop and reading the e-book I mentioned yesterday. It really is quite good, which is unfortunately an exception in the superhero novel genre.

I’ve finally inspired my landlords to get their own Instapot. (An early present from their relatives, I believe.) Now it’s just a matter of time before they fall in love with it and convince even more people to get Instapots. Our cult will keep on growing mwahaha

I would write more, but really, the most interesting new development in my life right now is trying out that castor oil for my eyebrows, starting tonight. The cost/benefit on this little experiment is pretty good: $20 vs finally having normal eyebrows for the first time in my life. I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

In covid news, Russia launched its mass vaccination campaign two days ago. They’re going with their homegrown “Sputnik V” vaccine, which hasn’t had its data analyzed or peer-reviewed yet. They’re kind of flying blind with that, partly because they hadn’t conducted any large trials on people older than 60. That’s why their approach consists of vaccinating medical, social, and educational workers. I wish them luck: who knows, their mystery goop just might work.

And in India, a mysterious new illness hospitalized several hundred and killed at least one person. The symptoms include nausea; the man who died showed epilepsy-like symptoms. They haven’t figured out the root cause yet. This could be just plain old water contamination. If that’s a new virus, it might not be as contagious as covid. But if that is a virus, and if it’s just as contagious… Well, I call dibs on “indid-20” – and here is hoping we won’t get another year of lockdowns, eh? The whole world is watching the city of Eluru right now: it’ll take days or even weeks to get more detailed information. Here is hoping it’s not the beginning of another pandemic.