Tuesday night.

My transformation into a brain in a jar continues. (Well, more like a brain in a tiny studio.) I reeeeally need to start exercising again, but a) there was an awful lot of weightlifting when I moved all my stuff last weekend, and b) there’s not a whole lot of open space here. There are maybe two areas big enough to do pushups, but that’s about it. (Excuses, excuses, I know.)

At work, I’m spicing things up by creating yet another Excel-based tool. This one is called Whole Grain Spread (naming things is the best part of being a creator), and it does a high-level analysis of commonly available data to identify big trends that you won’t notice up close. I wonder if in some other life I’m an intelligence analyst for some three-letter government agency. Heh.

And ye gods, Stardew Valley is addictive… I’m fairly sure I’ll get bored with it within a few weeks, but until then, I’ll take what I can get. I am aware that this is not quite healthy to hide indoors with zero human contact and nothing but work, gaming, and a bit of reading. But there’s not much else to do, and the only goal right now is to fast-forward through the next seven or so months and get my shots. Some outgoing extroverts would probably call this approach crazy or cowardly (they did, in fact, say as much on social media) but hey, I kinda like my overall health and would prefer to keep it.

In covid news, congress-critters are reporting the first infections after the big evacuation and lockdown they went through during the attempted coup six days ago. So far, there are three that tested positive: representatives Pramila Jayapal, Brad Schneider, and Bonnie Coleman. There will almost certainly be more. They all get amazing healthcare, but for an older crowd, the odds aren’t always good. (And the representative-elect who died a couple of weeks ago was only 41.) According to the congress-critters, their Republican colleagues not only refused to put on masks but also mocked the mask-wearers. The coup might not have succeeded, but if someone dies because they caught covid during the evacuation… Well, that’ll make for an interesting asterisk in the casualty section of history books.

Good night, y’all. Stay safe.