Wednesday… night? Evening? If the sun hadn’t set at 5:32pm today and if it hadn’t been so dark outside, this would’ve been evening on my personal scale. Let’s go with evenight, then, eh?

I ventured outside today despite the cold, because of the sun… A splendid lunch-time walk around the block. A giant boat, concealed under the tarp, was lurking in the alleyway next door. A neighbour with a fancy Porsche. A kindergarten squad on their patrol.

In the meme stonk world, everything went up for the day, though not a whole lot. A good day overall for most of my investments. It blows my mind to see that my hoard can go up by more money in one day than I would’ve earned in an entire year working part-time as a college student. Not for the first time, I can’t help but wonder what strange new level I’ve unlocked at last, what else awaits me just around the corner…

Today was spent mostly jumping from call to call at work, but also laughing hysterically at this tweet and the conversation it inspired. If digital decay devoured it by the time you’ve read this blog: it was a juxtaposition of a girl who tweeted that her college boyfriend had modeled his entire persona on Ryan Gosling’s character in the amazing move “Drive”; the other tweet was a guy’s confession that he adopted his entire personality from Ryan Gosling’s character in that movie, got a girlfriend at a local diner, and kept up that charade for over four years. If those two were talking about one another, then that is comedy gold. (And also a lot of commitment to the bit!) I watched Drive ages ago, and loved it, but never quite had the urge to impersonate the protagonist… If I blog about trading in my Kia for an old Mustang, you’ll know what happened. Heh.

With all the fancy new covid variants showing up in Canada, some experts recommend double-masking just to be on the safe side. KN-95 masks are just about impossible to find right now: not on Amazon and definitely not at local pharmacies. Whenever I venture outside, whether to walk or to shop, I put on a 3-ply cotton mask and cover it with a regular filter cloth mask on top. Gotta stack those odds, eh? (Can you tell I spent 10 years of my life in Nevada?)

In covid news, the official Canadian covid timeline is starting to unravel… All the delays have caused Ontario to miss its self-imposed deadline. The original plan was to administer first shots to folks in high-risk retirement homes and Native American (or First Nations, as they’re called in Canada) elder care folks by February 5th. It’s been moved to February 10th now. Five days may not seem like a lot, but it’s the canary in the coal mine, the first sign of a big disruption. I suspect we’ll see more shifting deadlines. I have this intuition that Canada’s official goal for phase-3 vaccination rollout (literally anyone who wants one) will be shifted from August-September to later in the year – and news stories like this one sure as hell don’t help dissuade me. As always, I just hope I’m wrong. As usual, I probably won’t be.

Good night, y’al.