Wednesday evening.

A longer-than-usual workday filled with several big fires to put out, and edumacating my trainee (who would’ve been my boss if I weren’t quitting). That two-week vacation can’t come soon enough. Just two more workdays…

It’s been a while since I mentioned GameStop: its saga still continues, and it’s fascinating. After reaching $483 at one point in late January, it crashed all the way down to $38.50 by February 19th. Of course, it helped that Robinhood, a popular and accessible trading platform, disabled the “Buy” button, thus generating a sell-off… A lot of shady stuff happened, and the congressional hearing held weeks later didn’t clarify a whole lot. Here is where it gets interesting, though: after falling by more than 90% at bottoming out at $38.50, GameStop spiked up again, by 805%, all the way to $348.50 by March 12th. That’s a fine return in less than a month.

Since then, it’s been going down in price while holding on to some key resistance levels. Today, for example, it jumped by 18.1%, from $140.99 to $166.53. They’ve hired several experts from major tech companies, installed Steve Cohen (co-founder of Chewy and a fan of GameStop) as their chairman of the board, paid off their debts, and started the search for a new CEO. That alone is impressive, but the mighty suspicious selling pressure also hints at the fact that the major hedge funds that shorted GameStop twice before might be doing that again. I could be wrong, but it sure looks like there’s another short squeeze incoming (maybe they’ll learn their lesson then?..), and fairly soon. And yes, I have some of my own money riding on that. Heh. My prediction: at some point between today and New Year’s, it’ll reach $250 again, and might go even higher than that. That stock alone will be the bright memory of this pandemic era for millions of people…

In covid news, good news/bad news. Good news: the Vaccine Hunters group I’d joined earlier is growing at an impressive pace. Our Ontario Discord channel alone has grown from 43 people to 473, and it’ll keep on growing. The local media ran several news pieces and interviews with the group’s cofounders and leaders, which you can find here and here. I’m not nearly as proactive as some folks in the group, but I did help my landlords find out about their postal-code-based vaccinations (which may or may not materialize), and I’ve advised about 10 or so Canadians about the fine points of driving to the US to get your shot. I like to think I helped, eh.

In bad covid news, there’s yet another new variant of covid19 – this one was found in Tanzania, and was designated A.VOI.V2. It has more spike protein mutations than you’d expect, and while there’s no way to tell yet how that would manifest in the real world (more contagious, more deadly, etc), that’s still concerning. It’s so strange these days… There’s an overabundance of covid-related news. Some of it is likely just overhyped rhetoric from attention-starved media outlets. Some of it, though, appears insignificant at first and then goes on to become a major issue later on, as if the first appearance were just subtle foreshadowing. In the months to come, will the A.VOI.V2 variant end up conquering the world? Or will it fade away, leaving its trace only in a few news articles and in this blog entry? Only time will tell.

And almost forgot: there are 100 days left until the Tokyo Olympics, which has already been rescheduled once. The event is still on, but there are lots of hurdles. Less than 1% of Japan’s population have been vaccinated so far. Only 0.4% have received both doses. International fans won’t be able to attend the games in person. There will be, however, over 11,000 athletes from all over the world. Statistically speaking, it’s inevitable that at least one team from at least one country will come bearing covid. I suspect they’ll probably continue on with the Olympics, but it might be the strangest, emptiest Olympics the world has ever seen. We’ll find out in July, I suppose.

Good night, y’all. Stay safe.