If I try really hard, I may understand the mental processes of people who shoot their coworkers or movie fans. This, however, is just madness. Psychos across the country trying to one-up one another; the most fundamental human rules (protect the little ones) being blatantly, arrogantly disregarded. I am an atheist, so please forgive the irony when I ask this, but is nothing sacred anymore?

Is this the beginning of the end for this country? Or did we miss it? Did the end begin years ago, when no one was looking? Is it too late, and are we surely and inevitably approaching the final destination, beyond whatever hope for redemption we may have had?

Sometimes I daydream about migrating once again and moving to another country. Someplace cheaper, friendlier, safer. Today’s events may be the motivation I need to start turning those daydreams into plans. There is no safety here. Only madness.