Thursday evening. Penultimate day of work before my 3-week staycation. I look forward to it: playing hide-and-seek with gendarmes in rural Quebec isn’t quite what I’d been planning to do, but it’ll still let me catch up on sleep and relaxation. It’s been 3 years since my last real vacation… What a strange world.

Have I mentioned a field hospital going up in the Central Park? Because there’s now a field hospital in the Central Park. There are reports from around the world about cash-waving Americans hijacking shipments with PPE supplies bound for other countries. Earlier today, Trudeau very politely said that Canada is looking into one such shipment hijacked from Canada. Brett Crozier, the captain of USS Theodore Roosevelt, has been relieved of command for the horrible crime of writing a letter stating his ship needs to be docked and quarantined. The ship had roughly 4,800 crew members. He did the right thing, and got punished for it.

Spain has crossed 10,000 deaths. The US has 5,833 as of right now. Ontario is finding more cases even as the death toll stays low at 131. Georgia’s governor claims nobody knew until just now that the virus could spread asymptomatically. That means he’s either playing dumb to cover up his incompetence, or he really is that dumb. (The CDC is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.)

Gf and I venture out for small 15-minute walks around the building to get some fresh air and keep from getting stir-crazy. We started watching a French Netflix show about a group of people stuck in a French village. It describes our current situation fairly well. Gf is feeling better after quitting keto, though there are still random health scares. (Drinking salt water seems to help.) On the upside, her diet is now far more inclusive – we can dine like royalty on our supply of frozen pizzas. šŸ™‚