Friday night. Things aren’t improving with gf. Spent the night talking about our communication styles, doing Tarot readings on our relationship (her hobby, not mine), and reverse-engineering the electrolyte formulas of health supplements, as one does. Still unclear how this will end.

About 2,000 more dead in the US. Over 1,000 in one day in France – their highest ever. Almost 1,000 in the UK. Boris Johnson appears to have recovered – hopefully that’s not the headfake recovery that lands patients back in the ICU sicker than before. There are mass graves being dug on Hart Island in New York. Some claim that’s standard, and the island is usually used for pauper funerals. Others are saying these are legitimate mass graves. Nobody much cares about the truth of the matter – it’s all about the horrifying visuals.

Worst Friday night ever?..