Saturday night. All is well and getting better: gf and I had a breakthrough last night. (“We’re supposed to be on the same team.”) Things are getting better, at least in this little corner of the world.

Fun thing about food-stockpiling for worst-case scenarios: there’s never enough protein. The local grocery store was out of ground beef last time I was there: I’ll see if they have anything meat-like next time I go there. We have more than enough food to stay put at least two more months, but it’s mostly carbs, and what protein we have is split (unfavourably) with saturated fat. Neither of us is on keto, so that’s not helping. Bottom line: we’ll survive but we won’t become bodybuilders anytime soon.

There are 20,641 cumulative deaths in the US as of right now, and 654 in Canada. The US has crossed the point of 2,000 deaths per day. About 10 days ago, a friend of mine on facebook told me the US would never cross 3,000 deaths per day. (One 9/11, rounded up.) Looks like I’ll win that argument, though I’ll hate being right in that particular instance… In other world news, Krakatoa has erupted again, as if this year wasn’t weird enough already. Ebola is back in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This will be a very strange and painful year.

In personal news, I’m going to try and dust off my old sci-fi novel draft: last time I worked on it was two years ago. Let’s see if I can log 2,000 words per day…