Sunday evening. Hard to believe it’s already been a full month. It feels like the call from my gf (“we must leave – now”) happened only yesterday. I mentioned this many times before, but still: it feels altogether too strange to compare our cushy life in AirBnB getaways with the news reports of creepy (and creeping) chaos just outside.

Last night was excellent. We feasted on pizza and wine and chocolate, attempted to start a fire in the condo’s fireplace (it was only partially successful), and watched a movie, followed by a bath. (If I only kept my mouth shut instead of getting snarky at the very end, it would’ve been a perfect evening.) The new electrolyte drink mix seems to be working: gf is enjoying more energy and less dizziness than at any point since we’d left Toronto.

The world is still a mess. On the upside, Italy is down to less than 500 deaths per day. On the downside, today is Easter, and a lot of churches in the US are bringing together hundreds, if not thousands of people for the religious services. Utterly defiant and mostly old – there’ll be a new wave of infections caused just by these church services. (Some reports suggest that in some states, the police hung out in the parking lots and did nothing.) A woman in India drowned her five children. The White House skipped the daily briefing (useless though it may be) for the second day in a row. It’s unclear whether Trump is out golfing or feeling unwell… Boris Johnson seems to have fully recovered after facing 50-50 odds. Let’s see if this will finally get him to trust doctors and scientists more.

Finally making a little progress on my long-neglected sci-fi novel. Just 642 words today (30,116 total) but that’s a start. Here is hoping other holed-up folks are working on something productive while the pandemic rages on.