Friday night. Yay weekend. It’s strange to get back into the post-vacation routine of differentiating individual days and looking forward to time off again.

Busy day at work (the month-end close in finance begins on the first of the month), followed by what was supposed to be a relaxing evening walk with xgf.

She still has feelings for me (and likewise), and it’s hard for her to fully reconcile them, even if the breakup was her idea. We won’t work well long-term for several reasons, and while she knows that on one level, part of her doesn’t accept that. Part of me doesn’t quite either. The walk didn’t end that we’ll, which is why I’m typing this from a couch, having finished reading an e-book. (The laptop is in the bedroom, where she’s currently having some alon time.)

To quote Kurt Vonnegut, “So it goes.”

Nothing spectacularly new in the world news: same old weaponized incompetence. Some states are reopening while others are tightening up their restrictions. The Senate’s doctor said there aren’t enough test kits to test all 100 senators returning on Monday. (And most of them are in the high-risk group in terms of age.) In Ecuador, whistleblowers say that bodies in overwhelmed hospitals are stacked 6 or 7 high in random rooms (after morgues overflow) and left for as long as 10 days. Brazil is getting hit hard. Florida is seeing an increase in cases. Russia’s prime minister tested positive. An awful lot of workers at meat plants in the US are testing positive; some are dying. This pandemic is exposing the worst and most fragile aspects of our economy, as well as our society.

Tonight’s pic: cool-looking fort-like structure carved into the US shore of the Niagara River. A remnant of the war of 1812, perhaps?