Saturday evening. The first day of the eighth week of self-isolation.

Finally got xgf to talk this morning. Turns out she wasn’t mad at me – she had a very bad reaction when she saw all the families, couples, etc on our walk last night. We talked. She opened up. I listened. Many aspects of her life are very far from stellar right now, and she’s stressed out. Moving out to her own place at the end of our stay here isn’t something she’s looking for. I still care about her, but she doesn’t believe it, and doesn’t want to stay in touch once we move apart… She doesn’t want help, and I’m all out of ideas. Hopefully, things will get more clear when we leave Niagara Falls in 22 days.

Today is the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholder convention. I used to go in person every year for seven years in a row, and only stopped when they added the livestreaming option. For the first time ever, there’s no physical component to the meeting: Buffett didn’t want to turn Omaha into a covid hotspot, so it’s just him and Greg Abel answering questiong on a Yahoo Finance webcast. Buffett is 90. Charlie Munger is 96, and not joining the webcast, which is also the first time that happened. I hope they both make it: each of them is smarter and wiser than any baseline American. The livestreamed Q&A started three hours behind schedule (Buffett was in a lecturing mood), but it’s still quite educational. Xgf can’t believe I’m spending a chunk of my weekend listening to a 90-year-old man talk about money. Heh.

Went for a fairly long walk around Niagara Falls today while xgf was on the phone with a close friend. It’s curious that there’s virtually no foot traffic on the streets, but there are quite a few cars on the road. It’s not busy by any measure, but there are far more drivers than you’d expect. Interesting.

In covid news, an entire city in New Mexico (Gallup) has been blocked off from the rest of the world. They have 22,000 residents and the highest per capita infection rate in the state. Three northeastern states reported that the increase in YOY mortality may point to uncounted covid deaths. That means the actual death toll may be twice as high as the official figures.

In personal news, the University of Toronto has replied to my recent email and assured me that they’re following up on my ECA (educational credential assessment) since I’d submitted my paperwork over three months ago. That’s encouraging, I suppose, especially since they emailed me on Saturday – that implies they don’t just work Monday-Friday. If I could only find a place that could fingerprint me…

Cumulative death count in the US as of right now: 67,152; in Canada: 3,684. New words in the novel: 0.