Thursday night. The world keeps falling apart, but for the time being, here and now, the two of us are good.

Xgf woke up feeling under the weather. It’s unclear if it’s covid or because she ate a lot (and I mean a lot) of grapes and oranges yesterday. It is possible to accidentally overdose on vitamin C. Her persistent cough is still alarming, though she keeps blaming it on dust and bad air filters… I talked to the local hospital – they assured me that testing is easy and can be done in their drivethrough. A fully hazmat-sealed nurse would come to the car, administer the nasal swap, and walk away.

Alas, xgf doesn’t want to know whether it’s covid – she claims knowing what it is wouldn’t change. (She has a lot of trust issues when it comes to doctors and hospitals.) I countered that knowing that she’s not infected would be beneficial. We compromised that I’d take her to the hospital (just 5 minutes away) if she develops breathing problems…

For what it’s worth, I still feel fine. The mild chest pain I mentioned a few weeks ago has gone away. Then again, maybe I’m one of those who don’t get any symptoms at all and ride it out unknowingly. The only vectors I can think of were my weekly grocery store trips (but I was so careful…) or xgf’s occasional walks outside, when she doesn’t wear a mask.

We’ll see.