Friday night. Today was more than a little stressful… Xgf got stir-crazy (her words) and wanted to order Vietnamese takeout. (She loves pho.) While we were on the phone, placing our order, we heard someone cough on the other end – in a very loud and phlegmy manner. Xgf thought it was the hostess, I thought it was one of the cooks next to her. Either way, we hung up and baked another pizza instead.

That near-miss negated the nice walk through the abandoned touristy area near the waterfall. (Folks really hate it when it rains on a chilly day, apparently.) There was so much mist… It was lovely. But still, a near-miss – after nine weeks of hiding out, after being so careful, we could’ve been done in by a simple takeout order from a diner that cared more about profit than pandemic prevention. That was far too close.

I get that there’s a possibility that person had just a cold or the flu, but just the fact that any restaurant employee would come in to work while coughing their lungs out… Even if that wasn’t covid, that was irresponsible as hell. Canada isn’t like the US: being unemployed here doesn’t doom you to starvation.

Here is hoping all y’all are having a somewhat more enjoyable Friday night.