Saturday night. Hung out with xgf again – normally, in a sane world, we’d give each other far more space after the breakup, but this world is neither sane nor normal. Aside from a gal pal and myself, she doesn’t have anyone else who can come over and spend time with her. (While wearing the PPR and maintaining proper distance.) This cognitive dissonance doesn’t make her a happy camper, but she needs human contact, and it’s the least I could do. We went for a fairly long walk through a semi-wild park in Toronto, had a homecooked dinner, and finished by going to a local gelato place. (She’d never had it before, and there was a high-ranked place right around the corner.) And, of course, video games. Lots and lots of video games.

When we drove past a few TTC train cars, we noticed something disturbing. Only one person on each train car wore a mask, and there were 15-20 people inside. If even one of them had covid and had a coughing fit… People still try to socially distance and wear masks in public, but there are bottlenecks that seem almost perfect for super-spreaders.

In other covid news: New Delhi’s crematoriums are getting overwhelmed, and they’re bringing back the old tradition of funeral pyres out in the open… Brazil has completely stopped reporting its official death toll and case numbers: earlier, they stopped covering that information in evening news reports. Now the government site is no longer being updated at all. Those are all just the official numbers that might not account for comorbidities, folks dying at home, etc… It’ll keep getting uglier. Right now, most of the news in the US and Canada is about the ongoing protests – and while that’s most certainly newsworthy, that drowns out all the other developments around the world. I have a feeling there’ll be some highly disturbing pictures or videos coming out of Brazil very soon.