Thursday night. As Toronto is starting to open back up, people are starting to take more risks. The landlords’ teenage son really wants his haircut… Another possible vector. My life would’ve been so much easier if I’d simply rented a small studio apartment when I moved to Canada. Then again, I would’ve missed out on lots of adventures along the way. (Moving right now is not advisable: Uhaul isn’t known for their standards of hygiene or for sterilizing things.

Alarming reports from Houston: 97% of the city’s ICU beds are full. Unless this is the peak of their outbreak (and it probably isn’t), they’ll have to resort to picking who gets the intensive care, just like their Italian counterparts did two months ago… Meanwhile, in West Palm Beach, Florida, angry morons at a town hall meeting claimed that mandatory masks are unconstitutional, and that doctors are guilty of crimes against humanity. It’s all fun and games until one of those mouth-breathers decides to administer their idea of justice.

Incidentally, I used to live in both Texas and Florida. Neither of these news stories surprises me… (I do miss Florida’s beaches, though. The beaches were nice.)

Cruise companies are taking a beating once again, dropping 5-10% every day. The CDC put a stop to cruises until September, even though bars and restaurants are allowed to open. It’ll be curious to see how many lobbyists the cruise industry will throw at this problem. And speaking of September: no one has any idea what will happen when the school year begins. Parents with young kids won’t be able to leave them at home, and kids in general aren’t big fans of sitting still and following instructions on their tablets. There’s no nationwide plan: it seems there are as many plans as there are school districts.

Decades from now, when those haven’t yet been born listen to our stories about 2020, they won’t believe us – and who can blame them?