Sunday night. I can’t express how beautiful and addicting this Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) game is. Ten years from now, it’ll probably seem primitive compared to the virtual reality haptic-feedback games. (As seen in Ready Player One.) Still, here and now, this is something remarkable. Beautiful graphics, lots of subtle humour, the freedom to do anything you want… I must say, having my character gallop around on an immortal hydrophobic horsie while crafting different gizmos is definitely giving me some ideas for the future.

And that’s how I spent pretty much this entire day. Healthy? Hell no. Helpful? Very much so. As escapism goes, this is pretty great. (And did I mention the game is free to play? Heh.)

Elsewhere in the world (well, pretty much just the US) – southern states are starting to obfuscate information: deleting ICU data, not updating the case numbers, etc. This is pointless, but I suppose if you’re stuck in the middle of a shitstorm, you lose your ability to think strategically. Your life becomes a series of tactical mini-shitstorms, and that’s something I can relate to based on my own prior work experience.

South Carolina is particularly bad: they plan to convert school gyms into overflow areas for 3,000 new ICU beds. If this isn’t madness, I don’t know what is.

…and now back to my pandemic-free fantasy world. Heh.