Wednesday night. Almost weekend. Almost vacation.

Drove down to xgf right after work today to drop off my digital thermometer and oximeter. She feels better but still has weird symptoms (primarily nausea) that she rarely experiences. It’s still possible that this is just a very strange food poisoning. It’s likely that this is the good day/bad day cycle described by some covid sufferers…

On the way back home, I encountered a very poorly managed Walmart: stopped by to buy some roadtrip supplies and beer, only to discover that their self-checkout doesn’t allow one to buy beer. Oh, technology… When I got home, there were five police cars blocking the way: looks like the neighbour from across the street had a very bad fight with her husband. He didn’t get hauled away, but she got plenty of advice from cops taking her statement. There’s been a spike in domestic abuse and assault cases worldwide ever since lockdowns began… I hope everything ends well for her.

Anecdotally, my California sister (not the Trump-supporting one – that one is in New York) mentioned that a friend of her narrowly avoided getting infected. There was a funeral, and even though the priest felt under the weather, he assumed it was just toothache. There was much hugging and kissing… He tested positive for covid two days later. It’s unclear how many people he managed to infect. (My sister’s friend didn’t attend the funeral, and might end up being the only uninfected person in that entire social circle.)

Moderna announced that their trial vaccine has triggered immune response in every person who participated in the trial. They still need to do more testing, but that was great news. The stock market overall went up by a percentage point before settling slightly in the red for the day. However, cruise companies’ stocks went up by 20% – not so much because of the vaccine news, but because they had been very badly hit by shortsellers. Burn in hell, shortselling scum. 🙂

My company has announced that the WFH (work from home) policy has been extended through January 8th. That may or may not apply to my strange little tribe of warehouse financial analysts: we’ll find out where exactly we stand in two days. Should be interesting, one way or another.

Oh, and the President of the United States of America just had his picture taken with a bunch of Goya food products – it was posted on his official Twitter and Instagram. (The company’s CEO had praised Trump, got some social media backlash, and things escalated from there.) If anyone is reading this in the distant future – please google this. (Do y’all still have google? Heh.) I know this sounds made up, but it really happened. Instead of encouraging his fellow Americans to wear masks or be excellent to each other, the POTUS decided to troll the libs by staging a photo-opp to promote his supporter’s products. All of this is in blatant violation of the ethics rules, but it’s like the old saying goes – “how many divisions do the ethics rules have?”

Not for the first time, and definitely not for the last one, I am so very, very glad I have escaped that strange and violent country.