Thursday evening, and my vacation is sooooooo close. It’s not exactly going to be like my last real getaway (my second visit to Costa Rica in early 2017) but it’ll still be fun and fine. A change of scenery, some shiny shiny minerals, a loooong road trip… Can’t wait. I really need this.

Had a long fun Skype call with xgf: we looked at the pics each of us had taken during the 72-day-long AirBnB odyssey. Some of them turned out quite great. A couple of adorable short videos. Such lovely memories, forever digitized. (Note to self: self, make more backups.)

Xgf is feeling better, though it might be the virus taking two days off. I won’t fully relax till she goes 4-5 days in a row without any weird symptoms.

In the covid news, some Canadians are vocally and righteously angry: a new government report said there were ~21,000 complaints about American tourists hanging out in Canada, not quarantining, and definitely not driving straight to Alaska like they promised they would. The favourite idea I’ve read so far was to attach an ankle bracelet to each American crossing the border, then monitor their movements. Heh. It’s grotesquely and darkly ironic that the worst stereotypes and accusations Americans (well, some Americans) threw at Latino immigrants are now being hurled right back at them: keep that diseased vermin from crossing our border! Build a wall! (Hey, I’m just repeating what other Canadians said on social media.) Yesterday, on the way to drop off medical gadgets at xgf’s place, I saw a cart with a Floridian vanity licence plate…

In Florida, Disney World has fully reopened for business for the first time in four months. Florida’s official numbers (which are of iffy quality and verisimilitude) keep growing, with their governor’s official position best summarized as ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Georgia governor Brian Kemp issued an executive order banning all the local municipalities from enforcing mandatory mask laws. That’s a whole new kind of crazy, especially given that the CDC is headquartered in Atlanta. What a juxtaposition of brainiacs and cavemen. Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt tested positive for covid. Earlier, someone saw him shopping at Walmart without a mask. What is it about the South?

Oh, and in positive news, the White House has decided they won’t take away the CDC’s covid data after all. Either the public backlash proved particularly strong or they had no way to enforce this in any case. In less stellar news, there are videos of random masked men in quasi-official uniforms detaining people in Portland and dumping them into unmarked vans. They have no badges or identification. Some sort of federal employees, perhaps, but this is still disturbing as all hell. This is precisely what happened earlier in Washington DC: there wasn’t a loud enough outcry, so I guess someone local decided to try that now. The big difference here is that someone in Oregon must have authorized this. I have this rotten feeling that this is only a preview of things to come…

I try to be an optimist, I really do, but… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯