Wednesday night. And just like that, we’re close to the weekend. Time is so strange these days…

My plan for corny memorable days has hit a bit of a barrier due to my lack of supplies (and knowledge) required to make waffles on Waffle Wednesdays. Ho hum.

My Vietnamese landlords downstairs are either having a very passionate discussion or arguing with their 16-year-old son at the top of their lungs… This lockdown is bad for everyone.

At work, I am the last one left. We’ve been having some attrition and transfers out of our team, with more and more newbies hired as replacements. This really hit home earlier today, when I caused blind panic in approximately 20 coworkers when I inquired how close they were to completing the first draft of an important annual document. Heh. I’d forgotten none of them were even here a year ago. Funny, that. …I always did relate to Deckard Cain, the last of the Horadrim.

…yeah, they’re definitely yelling at each other. Damn. I’m not close enough to any of them (and none of them speak English well enough) to interfere or do anything meaningful. Double damn.

In covid news, it looks like my Arizona friend is feeling better. Hopefully, this isn’t one of those rollercoaster headfake recoveries that turn on a dime.

The official US death toll (aka the lowest number they’ve managed to come up with) has officially crossed 170,000. (Unofficially, the US has passed 200,000 in excess mortality at the end of July.) In Canada, the official death toll is 9,049. Considering the 10x difference in population, the US death toll per capita is twice as bad as it is in Canada. There are no winners in this macabre game.