Thursday evening. Thus flies another week.

More fun shenanigans at work, on multiple levels. I’ve looked up the guidelines about going on a three-month sabbatical. Hopefully, I won’t need them.

Assuming civilization doesn’t collapse outright, and there are still computers, and companies, and people using Excel, I’ll be fine. My artisan, handcrafted spreadsheets have been known grown men say “Grigory, I’m afraid of your brain,” and successfully passed the Turing test when I got them to convert a bunch of numbers into story-based narratives. Granted, this skill would be utterly useless if the world suddenly reverts to pre-industrial levels.

…like oh-so-many young people, I used to joke about my elders going to bed at ridiculously early, but here I am, cuddling in bed with my laptop at 6:55pm, having completed my backyard constitutional, my daily French lesson, and a bit of dinner. Heh.

In covid news, more Canadians are getting their rage on over the news of an American tourist who lied about his trip to Alaska. He stopped at Banff, a picturesque town in Alberta. After getting a visit from the local police, he was spotted on a tourist ferry the following day. It looks like the Canadian government wants to make an example of him, but he still won’t go to jail, nor suffer the maximum possible fines.

It’s curious to watch Canadian commenters who are angry but also polite and civil, asking for an apology and a 5-year ban from Canada. (As opposed to imprisonment or a lifetime ban.) That’s so different from the US… On the other hand, at least a few folks said it’s time to set up a bounty system, with the first caller getting 15% of the total fine. The US-Canadian border will remain closed for the foreseeable future (hopefully, anyway), which means there’ll be more cases like this one, and eventually people’s patience might run out. This is so strange to observe, especially since I’m both an American and (almost) a Canadian. Huh.