Saturday morning – a rare and collectible example of yours truly blogging before noon. Slept just a bit over eight hours, and it feels so strange: relaxing yet groggy. Objectively, I know I’d be better off if I got this much sleep every night, but after decades of getting by on six (or fewer) hours of sleep, that’s really quite unimaginable. (Consider how strange your life would be if you had two extra fingers on each hand. It’s a bit like that.) But then again, maybe if/when I eventually hit my early retirement…

I have fond memories of my year of funemployment – after I graduated from UNR but before I had to get a ground-level warehouse job with Amazon. There was some hustling, there were some gigs, there were some unwise financial decisions (the only time in my life I maxed out a credit card), but there was also riding a bicycle through the deserted desert streets of Reno after midnight, and staying up till 4am in a cozy papasan chair with a pot of coffee and a bag of locally baked donuts and some detective novels… That was as close to being off the grid as an unemployed college grad could get in the middle of recession. Someday, I hope to return to that simplicity.

In covid news: I didn’t think of this at first (since I’m deliberately avoiding people and all), but most everyone else will be partying during this three-day weekend, especially in the US. There may well be a spike in cases, some more clusters, etc. A barbecue to die for, eh?..

And now, time to slither out of bed, check on my impromptu chili in the slowcooker, then drive to the bank, and then spend the rest of the day helping xgf pack up and move… Yay variety. Have a fun but safe weekend, y’all.